• Task10 December 2015

“As it was our very first online congress we were a little tensed and therefore it was very pleasant that all practical matters were taken out off our hands”

Name of organisation: Division of Human Nutrition and Health of Wageningen University and Research
Name of conference: International Conference on Diet and Activity Methods 2021
Date of conference: 8 – 12 February 2021

Number of attendees: 393
Location: Fully virtual via the Cbd On Air platform

The congress was organized for 5 days and had a very international audience. Only 60 people were from The Netherlands and over 60 from the United States. A lot of delegates were from Brazil and we even had delegates from New Zealand. The program was a mix of pre-recorded video and live sessions which were streamed to the platform. Even with this very international audience and the different type of sessions, there were no hick ups at all. 

Prof. Dr.  Edith Feskens, Professor Global Nutrition at Wateringen University & Research


The Wateringen University & Research asked Congress by design to help them organize their International Conference on Diet and Activity Methods. This year it would be fully online due to the pandemic and they had no experience with organizing online congresses. The Wateringen University & Research and Congress by design worked together as partners and designed and produced an online congress in less then a month.

Cbd overcame this challenge:

  • Our team maintained open lines of communication with all stakeholders
  • Our team has adviced Wateringen University & Research on the different set ups of the meeting
  • Delegates received instructions on how to use the platform prior to the meeting
  • Online speakers were in close contact with the Zoom host in order to make the presentation run smoothly
  • Pre-recorded video’s were created in order to foresee any difficulties as the speakers had never participated in an online congress.
  • All Congress by design colleagues were invested in this project

Cbd’s services

Cbd team provided:

  • Platform management: all actions with regards to the platform were taken care of before, during and after the congress (total setup of the platform, including all submitted abstracts into the portal and managed the entire plafrom during the congress).
  • Communication: final communication before and during the congress were send from our system/platfrom
  • Post meetings

Successful conference for delegates

Overall, the delegates provided the team with great feedback. They believed that the platform was very user friendly and that they were able to explore and connect with other delegates from all over the world even when congress went fully online.

Conference highlights:

  • Interesting and accurate content was provided
  • User fiendly platform
  • International audience
  • High interaction