• Task10 December 2015

“Goed geregeld en goede inhoud. Bedankt!“

Name of organisation: Utrecht University
Name of conference: Onderwijs Research Dagen 2021
Date of conference: 7 – 9 July 2021

Number of attendees: 621
Location: Fully virtual via the Cbd On Air platform.

Ik heb genoten van de ORD en ondanks dat het vanuit huis was, heb ik toch het congresgevoel gehad. 

Delegate, Onderwijs Research Dagen 2021


The ORD program was designed with many components: a well-known conference program among delegates had to be turned into a completely virtual program, a program with many different sessions: posters, plenary, round table sessions, demonstrations, pitches all needed to fit in one online platform. In the end almost 70 online sessions were to follow in three days via the online platform. The team overcame many challenges and came up with ingenious solutions.

Challenge: Convert a well-known live conference program into a completely online program
Solution: Use a user friendly online platform where all participants can follow their own personal selected conference program.

Challenge: Have interaction between all the delegates at home
Solution: With this conference we have used our Network carrousel, this is a networking function which facilitates spontaneous meetings among delegates. Next to session where delegates can see each other, talk to each other this conference had many interaction moments and delegates didn’t feel alone behind their computer.

Cbd’s services

It was important for the client that the delegates could experience and take advantage of the full length of the program as if it were a live event.  All the same components were present, including the abstract presentation and discussion and the networking opportunities.  All virtual!

Cbd organized:

  • Delegate management and registration
  • Platform creation
  • Online program creation
  • Session coordination
  • Live support during the event
  • Communication with the participants prior, during and after the event

Successful conference for delegates

Highlights of the conference

  • High interaction between the Education Research community
  • User friendly platform
  • A real conference feeling has been provided to all delegates