“We have gone complety online and our Congress by design collegueas have really been with us the entire step of the way”

Name of organisation: Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law
Name of conference: Annual Conference 2020: Harnessing Potential
Date of conference: 15 – 16 October 2020

Number of attendees: 542
Venue: New Babylon and online via the Cbd On Air platform
Location: The Hague, The Netherlands & Online

We usually do our conference with a big physical presence. Lot’s of people brought together and this year we had to do it completely differently. So we have gone completely online and our Congress by design Collegueas have really been with us the entire step of the way. It was really nice to have their consistency and their guidance along the way.

Megan Price, Head of Office KPSRL


The Knowledge Platform on Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL) asked Congress by design to help them stay in touch with their community as it was unclear if their live meeting could take place due to the pandemic. Together with KPSRL, Congress by design designed and produced an online meeting within a month. The meeting was transformed from live, to hybrid and finally to online. At every step, Congress by design worked in close partnership with KPSRL to ensure the production was executed smoothly.

Cbd overcame this challenge:

  • Our team maintained open lines of communication with all stakeholders
  • Our team has advised KPSRL on the different set ups of the meeting
  • Delegates received instructions on how to use the platform prior to the meeting
  • There was clearly communicated to the delegates about the pandemic changes which resulted in even more registrations
  • Online speakers were in close contact with the Zoom host in order to make the presentation run smoothly
  • As speakers are used to having an audience, a dry run was organized in order to make them feel comfortable presenting from the studio
  • A venue was contracted which could facilitate both a hybrid and online meeting.
  • All Congress by design colleagues were invested in this project

Cbd’s services

As KPSRL has a diverse community this annual meeting is very important to stay connected. Due to the pandemic, KPSRL was forced to organize the meeting online and therefore it was very important for the client to facilitate the interaction and networking amongst the delegates participating in the meeting.

Cbd team helped with:

  • Overall project management: conference logistics were taken care before, during, and after the conference
  • Venue selection: helped contracting a venue which could vacilitate both a hybrid and online meeting
  • Onsite management: our team was onsite assisting with the entire online production
  • Abstract management
  • Delegate registration
  • Communication: created conference newsletters and pre-communication including instructions of the online meeting, and developed the Congress by design OnAir platform
  • Post meetings

Successful conference for delegates

Overall, the conference was a great success; delegates were brought together from all over the world. Over 216 people constantly participated in the OnAir platform and the networking fuction was used regularly. This means that the interaction of the meeting, which you normally create in a physical event, was high.

Conference highlights:

  • Opening ceremony for delegates
  • Delegates from all over the world
  • High interaction between the diverce community