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There is no better reward than to see happy and engaged delegates networking on the congress floor. There is no better feeling than when the curtains draw after hosting another successful conference. Together with our clients, we take an immense amount of inspiration from these moments of success, celebrating months of hard work that have preceded it.

The road to success consists of a thousand details, but we have walked it time and time again. If you are looking for a PCO to help you organise a great conference, we would be happy to offer you our experience, our enthusiasm and our personal attention. More information about our success stories can be found here.

Organising a congress is an intensive process and requires the Professional Conference Organiser and clients to work closely together. Read on and find out more about our services and how we can assist you and make your next conference a success.

Congress by design guided us in organising a successful five-day event, the 15th European Conference on Computational Biology in The Hague, from the start until the end. They helped us keep a structured process while maintaining the flexibility we needed for serving the interest of the conference delegates as well as the organizing parties. Our delegates and sponsors were impressed by the professionalism of the conference organization, and they highly valued our event.

J. Heringa, Conference chair ECCB 2016


The bid is an essential first step of hosting a conference. We have years of experience in supporting our clients in the bidding process. We act as the liaison between the congress bureau, host city, and professional local community. In close cooperation with all parties involved, we will work towards winning the bid to host your next conference in the Netherlands. As an experienced professional conference organiser, we also support our clients with bids for international congresses.


Congress by design has everything it takes to ensure a flawless executing of a conference. Amongst many other disciplines, we offer assistance in the detailed planning of the congress, the coordination of vendors and suppliers and conference logistics, and the distribution of the evaluation surveys. The project management can be combined with our onsite management services. Contact us to find out more about the full scope of the Congress by design project management services or read one of our case studies.


We understand the significance of budgets and the financial control for both the conference as well as the management of the association. Next to the preparation of budgets and pre-financing we also offer advice on financial guarantees. Most importantly, we take a strong stand when it comes to financial transparency in congress organisation. We achieve it by carefully monitoring budgets and continuously communicating with clients to ensure the financial success of the conference.


‘There are so many venues out there – but which one would serve the needs of my congress?’ Leave this challenge with us. Cbd offers venue selection as well as site inspections. We contact and negotiate agreements, as well as set up contracts with relevant venues. This includes facilities, catering, transport, audio-visual support, and other services that are required for the conference.


Our team will be present at the venue prior and during the conference to take care of the overall coordination of delegate registrations, hotel reservations, and resolving any situations that may arise on the day of your congress.


We are highly experienced in the organisation of academic and scientific meetings with complex programs. Moreover, the scientific secretariat service of Congress by design supports the scientific staff with contacts, registrations, prepare speakers or presenters, and provide all necessary technical support.


Our abstract management services involve the preparation and collection of the abstracts as well as running the review process of the submissions in close collaboration with our clients and the assigned faculty. Moreover, we inform authors about the status of their submission and take care of the publishing process. All abstract management is done online to ensure the process goes smoothly and accurately for our clients and their delegates.


The acquisition of sponsors is an important process that can give a conference financial stability. This process should start early on. We support our clients in the process of securing creative sponsorship packages that are compliant to required conference sponsorship regulations. Moreover, the team of Cbd is experienced in exhibitor acquisition and management.


Simple and fast registration is key to the happiness of congress delegates as well as associations. We offer support in the set-up and implementation of the online registration of delegates with the goal to process all registrations efficiently and transparently, enhancing the ROI of the meeting.


Communication is essential, prior to a congress, to keep your delegates informed and interested in the event. There are many tools and channels that can be used to achieve efficient event communication. We are happy to assist you in the development of a conference app or website. We also offer additional support in marketing, social media, and the event promotion.


Hosting a conference with international delegates often requires support when it comes to booking hotels. At Congress by design, we support our clients with the reservation of hotel rooms. Our short line of communication to service partners and hotels in the Netherlands ensures a cost and time efficient handling of hotel reservations.


Evaluating the success of a conference is crucial and we will help you with this by sending a survey to delegates after the event. Additionally, we will provide all necessary information for an audit evaluation of the conference after the meeting.


Since the pandemic the meeting industry has changed. Online meetings have made their way into the industry and are here to stay, and we are fully embracing it. By organizing these events we are continuously learning about the latest developments in the field. Congress by design offers support in platform set up and at your online event.


As a PCO, our desire is for our clients to achieve their goals by organizing innovative and effective meetings. With the help of meeting design, we will not only be able to attract the delegate to the (online) location, but we will also help to create a meaningful meeting.